Master Class on Autonomous Trucking

The complete presentation of TT's LiveOnWeb program, featuring Fred Andersky of Bendix, and TT's Neil Abt and Seth Clevenger.

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Peering Into the Crystal Ball

Many years from now, "none of the new trucks will have a cab on them -- it just doesn't make sense," says Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski.

Autonomous trucks are supposed to be safer, but what if something does go wrong? Who's responsible in an accident? MCE panelists discuss.

Who's Liable in an Accident?

People representing various segments of the trucking industry share their impressions, questions and concerns about autonomous trucking.

What Do People Think?

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What's the difference between automation and autonomous? Bendix's Fred Andersky draws the distinction.

Definition of Terms

TT's Seth Clevenger gives a primer on who the players are on the autonomous field, from automotive and trucking manufacturers to the suppliers.

Who Are the Players?

A comprehensive look at platooning -- its benefits, challenges and unanswered questions. Includes demo videos of platooning in action.

All About Platooning

2 bonus tracks to explain more.

The 15-point "Safety Assessment" lays out what technology developers will have to follow in order to meet federal guidelines, Bendix's Fred Andersky explains.

NHTSA Guidelines: What Do They Mean?

The complete presentation of Transport Topics' MCE panel, "Autonomous Platooning and Trucking: How Soon? How disruptive?"

How Soon? How Disruptive?

Bendix's Fred Andersky reviews what he calls the "5 I's of Active Safety and Future Autonomy," which are imprtant to development of any system.   

Safety Technology

3 bonus tracks take you inside the truck.
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